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ICC: 100% Innovation Webinar to feature Sophie Devine and Jemimah Rodrigues

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New Zealand’s Sophie Devine and India’s Jemimah Rodrigues will appear on 100% Innovation next week, as the 100% Cricket webinar series gathers momentum.

• To sign up for next week’s 100% Innovation click here
• Today’s 100% Dedication webinar featured Australia women’s team Head Coach, Matthew Mott and Anju Jain, Bangladesh women’s team Head Coach who shared their insight on coaching. The full version of the webinar and clips are available to download here.

New Zealand’s Sophie Devine and India’s Jemimah Rodrigues will appear on 100% Innovation next week, as the 100% Cricket webinar series gathers momentum.

The fourth episode in the series will see two of the world’s leading cricketers discussing women’s cricket as a leader for innovation. The series hosted by Mel Jones is focusing on different areas of the women’s game, through informative and engaging discussion which shares best practice and new ideas to support the growth of women’s cricket at a local and national level.

This follows the third installment aired today, 100% Dedication, which discussed all things coaching. Australia women’s team Head Coach, Matthew Mott and Anju Jain, Bangladesh women’s team Head Coach shared their views to a global audience.

100% Dedication – Full webinar video

Australia women’s team Head Coach, Matthew Mott talked about his role as a coach: “Fundamentally cricket is to be enjoyed, it is a game we first took up because we loved playing. As a coach the biggest thing you can do is to enhance and grow that. For me it is a player-centred and player-led environment, the coach needs to help facilitate and drive, but there has never been a great team that wasn’t self-sufficient. It is the coach’s job sometimes to just get out the way, we talk a lot about training ugly and make mistakes so that we learn and get better.”

Talking about the development of the women’s game, Mott added: “What we don’t want to do is to replicate the men’s game, we want to be innovative. The women’s game is not a brute force game, it is a highly skilled game, with a really good contest between bat and ball. The overwhelming response is that it is highly skilled and I want to watch that again, 86,174 in the MCG is testimony to that, people are enjoying the product.

“We talk about playing with a smile on your face, that entire World Cup and in particular Thailand going out and playing with a smile on their face. We loved what they brought to that tournament, it was such a great advertisement for the women’s game.”

Bangladesh women’s team Head Coach, Anju Jain shared her experience of being introduced to coaching: “To begin with I never thought I would be a coach, as when someone suggested it I laughed. Immediately after retirement I went into the selection committee, I soon realized that was not for me. During that I knew my passion was being on the field and on the ground. I can’t sit on the sidelines and watch the game, the second best thing after playing was coaching and I started doing all the courses and it transformed everything.”

100% Cricket provides a platform to celebrate the women’s game and bring everything fans love about the sport to life. The ICC’s pledge to bring 1 million new women and girls to the game as part of 100% Cricket will be delivered in partnership with Members. For more information on 100% cricket click here.   

To register for the 100% Innovation webinar which will take place on Wednesday 10 June at 11h00 Gulf Standard Time please click here.

Questions and Timings

2 minutes, 40 seconds  – Matthew MottTell us what it was like having a film crew following you around during the Ashes?

3 minutes, 30 seconds
Tell us about your transition into coaching in the men’s system into women’s system?3 minutes, 51 seconds – Matthew Mott

5 minutes, 07 seconds
You say coaching is coaching, did you do any preparation coming into the women’s game?5 minutes, 16 seconds – Matthew Mott

6 minutes, 30 seconds
Why would you be a coach?
6 minutes, 45 seconds – Matthew Mott

8 minutes, 8 seconds
Do you think there is a different coaching styles from coaching introduction level to elite?
8 minutes, 39 seconds – Matthew Mott

10 minutes, 11 seconds
How important is it to just enjoy the game?10 minutes, 37 seconds – Matthew Mott

12 minutes,13 seconds
Have coaching philosophies changed?12 minutes, 33 seconds – Matthew Mott

14 minutes, 24 seconds
How do you have those hard conversations with players?
14 minutes, 41 seconds – Matthew Mott

16 minutes, 04 seconds
Back to 2015 when you took over to Australia women’s team your thoughts on how you engage with players and leadership in terms of culture?
16 minutes, 45 seconds – Matthew Mott

18 minutes, 20 seconds
When you were coaching in Glamorgan and New South Wales did you have a leadership group and any reasons why the Australia set-up is not such a formal leadership group?18 minutes, 20 seconds – Matthew Mott 

19 minutes, 45 seconds
Biggest changes in the women’s game?
20 minutes, 11 seconds – Matthew Mott

22 minutes, 05 seconds
Fast bowling is one of the areas that people got most excited about in the World Cup before the injury to Taylor, how important do you think it is for the game to have players who can seriously get the ball through quickly?
22 minutes, 53 seconds – Matthew Mott

24 minutes, 30 seconds
Encouragement of watching cricket on TV not just playing.
24 minutes, 52 seconds – Matthew Mott

26 minutes, 10 seconds
How do we get more females into coaching?
26 minutes, 41 seconds – Matthew Mott

29 minutes, 45 seconds – Matthew Mott Q&A

42 minutes, 40 seconds
Transition from player to coach
42 minutes, 58 seconds – Anju Jain

43 minutes, 50 seconds
How did you feel about having hard conversations with players?
44 minutes – Anju Jain

45 minutes, 15 seconds
As an introverted wicketkeeper were your communication skills something you had to work on?
45 minutes, 25 seconds – Anju Jain

45 minutes 40 seconds
Talk about the year of 2018 including the Asia Cup where you defeated India?
46 minutes, 01 seconds – Anju Jain

48 minutes, 05 seconds
What about the men’s team support in that match?
48 minutes, 20 seconds – Anju Jain

48 minutes, 50 seconds
Name a couple of the players in the Bangladesh side that you enjoy coaching and we should be keeping an eye out for?
48 minutes, 57 seconds – Anju Jain

51 minutes, 15 seconds – Q&A


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