ICC: Australia consolidate top position in Tests after annual update

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Photo Credit: Pakistan Cricket Board

  • New Zealand and India remain No. 1 in ODIs and T20Is; Pakistan advance in Tests and ODIs

Australia have increased their lead over second-placed India from one to nine rating points while Pakistan have overtaken England to fifth position in the MRF Tyres ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings following the annual update carried out today.

Australia, who beat England 4-0 in a five-match home series in January, have moved from 119 to 128 rating points in the annual update that drops the 2018-19 season and reflects all series completed since May 2019. Series completed prior to May 2021 are now weighted at 50 per cent and subsequent series at 100 per cent.

India have also gained a point to move to 119 while England have had the biggest decrease of nine points as their 4-1 series win over India in 2018 is now dropped from the rankings. England’s 88 rating points is their lowest since 1995.

The England versus India series that began in 2021, will be included in the rankings once the final postponed Test is completed.

South Africa have closed the gap with third-placed New Zealand from 13 points to just one point in the updated rankings that still contain 10 teams since Afghanistan and Ireland are yet to play enough Tests to be included in the rankings.

In the updated ODI rankings, New Zealand remain on top but their lead over England is reduced from three to one point. The gap between England and third placed Australia has increased from seven to 17 points. Pakistan have moved past South Africa to fifth place while the United Arab Emirates are the biggest gainers, earning six rating points and advancing two places to 13th.

India remain on top in T20Is, extending their lead over second-placed England from one to five points. South Africa and Australia have overtaken New Zealand, who are now in sixth place. Similarly, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are now ahead of Afghanistan (10th).

The biggest rating improvement has been by Portugal, who have moved up five places to 45th in the latest update, in which the number of ranked teams has fallen from 91 to 72, as 19 teams have not played the required six rated matches since May 2019.

Of the 19 teams to have lost their ranking, 11 still have a rating since they played some T20Is in the past three years. Mexico, Philippines and Isle of Man have played five matches so will regain their ranking when they play their next match, while France, Peru, Hungary, Samoa, Brazil, Chile and Turkey will regain their ranking after playing two more matches. Bhutan need to play four more matches to be ranked.

Fiji, Costa Rica, Japan, South Korea, St Helena, China, Indonesia and Myanmar have not played since May 2019 and so have lost their rating.

MRF Tyres ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings (as on 4 May, following the annual update):

 Rating   Ranking  
Australia1191289 110
India1181191 220
New Zealand115111-4 330
South Africa1021108 440
Pakistan93930 651
England9788-9 56-1
Sri Lanka81810 770
West Indies8177-4 880
Bangladesh51510 990
Zimbabwe3125-6 10100

(Developed by David Kendix)

MRF Tyres ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings (as on 4 May, following the annual update):

 Rating Ranking
 oldnewChange oldnewChange
New Zealand1221253 110
England1191245 220
Australia112107-5 330
India110105-5 440
Pakistan971025 651
South Africa10299-3 56-1
Bangladesh93952 770
Sri Lanka81876 880
West Indies7773-4 990
Afghanistan6866-2 10100
Ireland52542 12111
Scotland5250-2 1112-1
UAE33396 15132
Netherlands35383 14140
Zimbabwe4135-6 1315-2
Oman30322 16160
Namibia21221 17170
USA17192 19181
Nepal1817-1 1819-1
PNG76-1 20200

(Developed by David Kendix)

MRF Tyres ICC Men’s T20I Team Rankings (as on 4 May, following the annual update):

 Old ratingNew ratingChange Old rankingNew rankingChange
India2702700 110
England269265-4 220
Pakistan264261-3 330
South Africa2532530 541
Australia2512510 651
New Zealand255250-5 46-2
West Indies2352405 770
Bangladesh2312332 981
Sri Lanka2292301 1091
Afghanistan232226-6 810-2
Zimbabwe1921931 11110
UAE1891923 13121
Nepal189185-4 1213-1
Ireland1831841 15141
Scotland185183-2 1415-1
Namibia1751805 16160
Oman1681702 18171
Netherlands171167-4 1718-1
PNG159151-8 19190
Singapore1401499 20200
Canada1251283 22211
Jersey1231285 23221
Qatar128126-2 2123-2
Hong Kong121116-5 24240
Uganda1081146 25250
USA1031118 28262
Bahrain961059 31274
Kuwait1031041 2728-1
Italy104102-2 2629-3
Kenya991001 30300
Malaysia89956 32311
Saudi Arabia10094-6 2932-3
Tanzania82908 35332
Bermuda88880 3334-1
Germany83852 3435-1
Spain76848 38362
Romania68746 40373
Guernsey72731 39381
Denmark7769-8 3639-3
Cayman Islands66660 41401
Nigeria6564-1 42411
Botswana7663-13 3742-5
Belgium56560 45432
Vanuatu445410 49445
Portugal435411 50455
Sweden5453-1 46460
Austria5853-5 4447-3
Norway6153-8 4348-5
Argentina384810 55496
Malawi37458 56506
Ghana42420 52511
Finland35416 59527
Luxembourg38402 54531
Sierra Leone33330 60546
Malta31310 665511
Czech Republic21265 715615
Cyprus23263 705713
Bahamas24240 695811
Belize3122-9 65596
Panama2621-5 67607
Rwanda15194 756114
Greece1917-2 736211
Thailand2515-10 68635
Bulgaria1110-1 776413
Seychelles990 796514
Maldives561 816615
Mozambique165-11 74677
Gibraltar42-2 826814
Lesotho000 846915
Swaziland000 856916
Estonia000 856916
Serbia000 856916

(Developed by David Kendix)

 For more information on player rankings, please click here.


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