New Zealand top-ranked ODI side after annual update to MRF Tyres ICC Men’s Team Rankings

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Photo Credit: Bangladesh Cricket Board

New Zealand replace the reigning World champions England as the number one side in the annual ODI rankings update.

  • England extend lead over India at the top of the MRF Tyres ICC Men’s T20I Team Rankings table; MRF Tyres ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings to be updated at the end of the Zimbabwe-Pakistan series

New Zealand have replaced reigning World champions England as the number one ranked side in the ODI rankings but England have consolidated their position at the top of the T20I table after the annual update carried out on Monday.

These updates eliminate results from 2017-18 and halve the weighting of matches played in 2019-20 which includes the 2019 World Cup.

New Zealand, who defeated Bangladesh 3-0 in their only ODI series during the past year, have advanced two slots in the MRF Tyres ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings after gaining three rating points to reach an aggregate of 121. Australia are second with 118 points while India and England are both on 115, the former ahead on decimal points.

England’s slip down to fourth position comes in the second annual update since they won the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup at Lord’s in the summer of 2019.  In the past 12 months, they have suffered 2-1 series losses to Australia and India, as well as an ODI lost to Ireland. 

The latest update, that rates all matches played since May 2020 at 100 per cent and those of the previous two years at 50 per cent, sees Australia move up two places from fourth to second and India drop one place to third. The West Indies have overtaken Sri Lanka to ninth position.

The Netherlands have been allowed to retain their ranking despite only having played four ODIs during the new rating period, since their scheduled fixtures were postponed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

England remain the top-ranked side in the MRF Tyres ICC Men’s T20I Team Rankings, extending their lead over India to five points. During this period, they drew a three-match series against Pakistan 1-1, defeated Australia 2-1 and South Africa 3-0 before losing an away series to India by a 3-2 margin.

New Zealand have also gained in the annual T20I update, moving up from fifth to third after series wins over the West Indies, Pakistan, Australia and Bangladesh. Australia have moved the other way, down from third to fifth.

In other movements at the top of the T20I rankings table, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have gained one place each to reach eighth and ninth positions, respectively, while the West Indies have dropped two places to 10th.

There has been no change of places in either format forAfghanistan, Pakistan or South Africa. Afghanistan are 10th in ODIs and seventh in T20Is, Pakistan are sixth in ODIs and fourth in T20Is while South Africa are fifth in ODIs and sixth in T20Is.

Despite the pandemic, 80 countries have played the requisite six T20Is over the past three years to remain in the rankings. Five countries have lost their ranking after the update – Gambia, Ghana, Hungary, Sierra Leone and Sweden.

The annual update to the Test rankings will be carried out following the conclusion of the ongoing Pakistan v Zimbabwe series.

Summary of Movements in MRF Tyres ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings following 2021 update

 CountryOld ratingNew ratingChange Old rankingNew rankingChange
New Zealand1181213 312
Australia1111187 422
India119115-4 23-1
England121115-6 14-3
South Africa1061071 550
Pakistan10297-5 660
Bangladesh89901 770
West Indies78824 981
Sri Lanka8079-1 89-1
Afghanistan59623 10100
Netherlands44495 12111
Ireland45450 1112-1
Zimbabwe4239-3 13130
Oman4034-6 14140
Scotland26304 15150
Nepal18246 17161
UAE21210 1617-1
Namibia1716-1 18180
USA1312-1 19190
PNG000 20200

Summary of Movements in MRF Tyres ICC Men’s ODI Team Rankings following 2021 update

 CountryOld ratingNew ratingChange Old rankingNew rankingChange
England2722775 110
India2702722 220
New Zealand2552638 532
Pakistan2602611 440
Australia267258-9 35-2
South Africa249248-1 660
Afghanistan2302366 770
Sri Lanka228227-1 981
Bangladesh226225-1 1091
West Indies228222-6 810-2
Zimbabwe1911910 11110
Ireland190188-2 12120
Nepal1831874 14131
Scotland1821853 15141
UAE186184-2 1315-2
PNG1791790 16160
Netherlands1751750 18171
Oman176173-3 1718-1
Namibia158157-1 19190
Singapore142140-2 20200
Qatar130129-1 22211
Canada130126-4 2122-1
Hong Kong1191212 23230
Jersey115114-1 25241
Kenya116112-4 2425-1
Italy1101111 27261
Kuwait110108-2 2627-1
Saudi Arabia1071070 28280
Denmark981013 29290
Bermuda92953 30300
Malaysia8886-2 31310
Uganda8785-2 32320
Germany8784-3 33330
USA79812 34340
Botswana72797 37352
Nigeria67758 39363
Guernsey72720 3637-1
Norway62719 40382
Austria69701 3839-1
Spain5957-2 42402
Bahrain475710 49418
Romania6057-3 4142-1
Belgium50566 47434
Tanzania56560 44440
Philippines48480 48453
Mexico294516 614615
Cayman Islands5444-10 4547-2
Vanuatu4744-3 50482
Belize42420 51492
Argentina5141-10 4650-4
Peru33363 55514
Fiji35350 54522
Malawi4035-5 53530
Panama32320 56542
Samoa31321 59554
Costa Rica32320 58562
Japan32320 57561
Malta173114 695811
Thailand21254 66597
Portugal2524-1 63603
Czech Republic3024-6 6061-1
Luxembourg2523-2 62620
Finland2321-2 64631
South Korea20200 68644
Mozambique14195 70655
Isle of Man2019-1 67661
Bulgaria2218-4 6567-2
Bhutan1312-1 72684
Maldives109-1 74695
St Helena990 76706
Brazil148-6 71710
Chile94-5 75723
Gibraltar033 79736
Myanmar40-4 78744
China000 80755
Indonesia50-5 77752
Lesotho000 80755
Rwanda000 80755
Eswatini000 80755
Turkey000 80755


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